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Getting help with Mirascope

If you need help getting started with Mirascope or with advanced usage, the following sources may be useful.


The Mirascope Slack is a great place to ask questions, and get help and chat about Mirascope.

GitHub Issues

The Mirascope GitHub Issues are a great place to ask questions, and give us feedback.

Usage Documentation

The usage documentation is the most complete guide on how to get started with Mirascope.

SDK API Documentation

The API Reference give reference docs for the Mirascope library, auto-generated directly from the code so it's always up-to-date.


You can also email us at or

How to help Mirascope

Star Mirascope on GitHub

⭐️ You can "star" Mirascope on GitHub ⭐️

Connect with the authors

  • Follow us on GitHub

    • See other related Open Source projects that might help you with machine learning
  • Follow William Bakst on Twitter/X

    • Tell me how you use mirascope
    • Hear about new announcements or releases
  • Connect with William Bakst on LinkedIn

    • Give me any feedback or suggestions about what we're building

Post about Mirascope

  • Twitter, Reddit, Hackernews, LinkedIn, and others.

  • We love to hear about how Mirascope has helped you and how you are using it.

Help Others

We are a kind and welcoming community that encourages you to help others with their questions on GitHub Issues or in our Slack Community.

  • Guide for asking questions
    • First, search through issues and discussions to see if others have faced similar issues
    • Be as specific as possible, add minimal reproducible example
    • List out things you have tried, errors, etc
    • Close the issue if your question has been successfully answered
  • Guide for answering questions
    • Understand the question, ask clarifying questions
    • If there is sample code, reproduce the issue with code given by original poster
    • Give them solution or possibly an alternative that might be better than what original poster is trying to do
    • Ask original poster to close the issue

Review Pull Requests

You are encouraged to review any pull requests. Here is a guideline on how to review a pull request:

  • Understand the problem the pull request is trying to solve
  • Ask clarification questions to determine whether the pull request belongs in the package
  • Check the code, run it locally, see if it solves the problem described by the pull request
  • Add a comment with screenshots or accompanying code to verify that you have tested it
  • Check for tests
    • Request the original poster to add tests if they do not exist
    • Check that tests fail before the PR and succeed after
  • This will greatly speed up the review process for a PR and will ultimately make Mirascope a better package