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Client Wrappers

If you want to use Mirascope in conjunction with another library which implements a client wrapper (such as LangSmith), you can do so easily by setting the wrapper parameter within your call parameters. For example, setting this call parameter on an OpenAICall will internally wrap the OpenAI client within an OpenAICall, giving you access to both sets of functionalities. This will work for any of the providers we support.

from some_library import some_wrapper
from mirascope.openai import OpenAICall
from mirascope.base import BaseConfig

class BookRecommender(OpenAICall):
    prompt_template = "Can you recommend some books on {topic}?"

    topic: str

    configuration = BaseConfig(client_wrappers=[some_wrapper])

Now, every call to call, call_async, stream, and stream_async will be executed on top of the wrapped OpenAI client.