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Llama Index

Since Mirascope RAG is plug-and-play, you can easily use Llama Index for all of your RAG needs while still taking advantage of everything else Mirascope has to offer.

from llama_index.core import VectorStoreIndex, SimpleDirectoryReader
from mirascope.anthropic import AnthropicCall

# Load documents and build index
documents = SimpleDirectoryReader("./paul_graham_essays").load_data()
retriever = VectorStoreIndex.from_documents(documents).as_retriever()

# Create Paul Graham Bot
class PaulGrahamBot(AnthropicCall):
    prompt_template = """
    Your task is to respond to the user as though you are Paul Graham.

    Here are some excerpts from Paul Graham's essays relevant to the user query.
    Use them as a reference for how to respond.


    query: str = ""

    def excerpts(self) -> list[str]:
        """Retrieves excerpts from Paul Graham's essays relevant to `query`."""
        return [node.get_content() for node in retriever.retrieve(self.query)]

pg = PaulGrahamBot()
pg.query = input("User: ")
response =